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Cool Web Pages

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Math review sites:


1. This is a great math facts review game.  Try to beat Nina's  time in Mixed Multiplication Facts: 100% in 21 seconds!


math magician


2. This is a fun site full of review games: Internet4classrooms


3.This is a site to review Greatest Common Factors:  GCF  For new numbers you must click on "Load New" on the Main page.


4. This is a fantastic fraction review game. Sharpen your skills play.



5. Great math review site CLICK HERE!


6.  Coordinate Plane practice:  "Billy Bug


7. Function table  game: "Cyberchase


8. Practice Elapsed Time click here


9. Percent Game click here


10. Common and Proper Noun Basketball click here


11. Fractions, decimals, & percent Jeopardy click here


12. It's a "Piratety" Integer activity. Click here


13. Subject and Predicates. Click here  More Help and Activities click here.


14. Context Clue activity. Click here or here

Quiz sites:

15. Geometry Terms Game


Main Idea Riddle Game

1. Take this online quiz!        


 2. Take this online quiz on 2 digit divisors       



Sciencw review sites:


1. This is NASA introduction to Mars site click here




Social Studies review sites:


1. This is the site you use to access the online quiz.  Just click on the image below.




2. These are the activity sites we used for chapter 1.

      The Millionaire Game: Latitude and Longitude:  Click Here

       Find Hannah: Click Here


3. Hoover Dam Site: 



4. Chapter 6 sites

     History's Mysteries: Lost Colony of Roanoke

     Take a virtual tour of Jameston settlement click the fort.   

      Take control of the Jamestown Settlement see if you can build a better life for the colonists. Click here 


5. Take a virtual tour of Colonial Williamsburg  


6. Think you know Christopher Columbus. Click here to find out.


*7. Roanoke "Think You Know It All" quiz.


Writing review sites:


1. Informational writing: This site reviews and gives examples of the different ways an informative writing can be organized.

    Click Here

2. This site provides writing pages, tips, and materials to help you become a better writer. Click on the Freelogy link.


Just for Fun!


1. Kangaroo Hangman (Be nice! He doesn't like to lose.) Click here 


2. Stop Violence page click here: use password ThinkPeace









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